Intership with Etoile C.T.E

Our offer of internship:

  • Organisation / Event Manager
  • Audio, video & lightning technician

To understand what your possibilities as an internship in Etoile are, you first need to know what it is. Etoile is an association that works with amateur theatre in our region and different countries in Europe. We give courses of theatre in our headquarters and we work together with schools were we give theatre lessons. Some of the projects we create are completely carried out by students, including the technical part of the show. We organize a large amount of productions each year with different shows and different locations every time.

We believe that the strength of our internship is the trust that have in our students and the responsibility that we give them for each project.


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Etoile gives you the possibility to increase your organisation skills. You learn about working with actors, dancers and technicians. The tasks you have as an organisation employee depends on the projects we have. Some projects need more focus on the administration and others more on the  creative and physical aspects, like creating scenography. Besides organisation you also learn about theatre, realization of light and sound , Italian language and culture. This is because you work and live with people from different places and professions.

Etoile gives you the possibility to increase your network with Italians but also with other people from across Europe.

Summary of the tasks:

– Assist at rehearsals

– Translate documents for international projects

– Design and make decor

– Promoting work by social media

– Communication

– Administrative work

– Making logistics plan

– Planning project weeks

– Manage Bed & Breakfast

– hostess at theatre shows



As a technician you will be working in different theatre with different shows every time. As you start the internship you will observe the way we work, ones you are ready you get a lot of responsibility for different projects. Your responsibilities will consist of:

  • Preparing a show (also the artistic part of light sound or video)
  • Installing a show
  • Programming
  • Operating the console
  • Uninstallation